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One-stop comprehensive technical services about packaging, sterilization and test related to medical devices.

We provide comprehensive service for clients about selection and design of medical packaging materials, validation of ethylene oxide sterilization process, ethylene oxide sterilization processing and product detection.

Professional team, to provide professional and efficient technical services .

(1)Professional technical services team, with solid theoretical knowledge on polymer materials and engineering, biotechnology, biological chemical and pharmaceutical engineering .
(2)Our core members have at least 15-year experience associated with sterile medical devices microoganisms, pharmaceuticals, genetinc engineering and packaging for sterile medical devices.


Focus on the establishment and continuous improvement of quality management system. 

(1)King Service establishes quality management system for Ethylene oxide sterilization in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 11135.
(2)Laboratory of King Service is operating in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025/ CNAS-CL-01 quality management system strictly.
(3)King Service registered in the FDA website, and the quality management system meets the requirements of 21 QSR 820.



Professional external sterilization processing station

King Service is a professional external sterilization processing station, which can accept the audit of relevant party related to clients, such as government agencies, certification body and clients.